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 Welcome all to Atraf a Social Guild that Participate in Raiding and PVP aswell we now have around 200 Members between them around 80 are level 80.

We help in all sort of stuff, as Guiding on leveling and Proffesions and more. we have 6 GBank Tabs and a Tabard.

The Guild Participate in PvP. we do everyweek in Sunday preFlush Arena to those who miss until 10 battle. Win or Lose what can we do but we also got Arena Teams that are arranged according to Gear and Class Combonations to keep our PVP Progress going.

We started to Raid not a whaile ago with a nice Progress. we downed The Siege of Ulduar Quarter, Kologarn and Auriaya in Antechamber in Ulduar 10, Sartharion + 1 Drake in Obsidian Sanctum, Spider Wing, Noth the Plaguebringer in Plauge Wing, Patchwerk and Grobbulus in Construct Wing, Instructor Razuvious and Gothik the Harvester in DeathKnight Wing, Sapphiron and even the dreadfull  Kel'Thuzad in Naxxramas, we got now a Raid Team in the Making to those who wish to join and enjoy the most of the Raiding Content in this Game please Apply in the Forum.

In the End this Guild is foucos to make the full out of the WoW experience and wishes everyone Good Luck.
Have Fun:D

Kologran is Down thanks to the A Team: Beastydilen Crow Dahealer Greatness Guthix Kezzan Malaria Matoki Nastia Psychopat.  

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Beastydilen, Jul 16, 11 11:07 PM.
The Guild will now start to make 2 Raiding Teams that will be devided according to Gear and Skill The First will do Ulduar 10 Full OS 3D and EoE the Second will do Ulduar 10 First Boss OS 1D and Naxx 10 the Groups may switch over time according to your skills.
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We need Prot and Fury Warriors for our Raid Team and Arms for Arena.
Marksman Hunter who know how to Play.
Good Mages for both Arena and Raiding.
Geared Shadow Priests.
Restoration and Elemental Shamans who know there Class.
and Rogues of all Kinds.
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